Pocket Change

Every purchase you make can now easily build your savings account!

With Bank of Botetourt’s Pocket Change, items you purchase with your Bank of Botetourt Visa® Debit Card may automatically add up to more savings for you.

Enrolling in Pocket Change will:

  • Round your balance or purchase to the nearest dollar.
  • Transfer the difference from your checking to savings account.
  • Track your savings in Online Banking.

How it works:

Option 1:

  • Round up after each purchase.  
  • Pocket your change after every purchase by rounding up to the nearest dollar.
Item: Price:   Rounded Up: Transferred to Savings:
Coffee $  3.50 $4.00 $0.50
Gas $45.02 $46.00 $0.98
Movie $  7.50 $8.00 $0.50
Total Transferred
to Savings:

Option 2:

  • Round down at the end-of-day balance.
  • Pocket your change at the end of day, rounding the remaining change down to the nearest dollar.
Day: Ending Balance: Rounded Down To: Transferred to Savings:
Day 1 $950.75 $950.00 $0.75
Day 2 $892.23 $892.00 $0.23
Day 3 $888.41 $888.00 $0.41
Total Transferred to Savings:     $1.39


How to Enroll:

Contact your local branch office to sign up!  Start saving today! 

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