Children's Savings

A Kids$ave Account helps you save your money for something you'd really like to buy. Every month, you can add money to your account (this is called "making a deposit") or take some money away (this is called "making a withdrawal").

When you leave your money in the bank, it "earns interest" ... that means the bank pays a little money into your account each month.

So your money keeps growing and growing!

Not sure how to start saving? Here are some great Kids$ave Tips!

Ask your parents to help you download and print these fun Kids$ave coloring pages!

Information for Parents

Our Kids$ave Account allows children (Under 18) and their parents or guardians to save for their future. This account helps young people to understand the value of saving money and teaches them how earning interest can increase their savings.

  • There is no average balance requirement to obtain the disclosed APY*.
  • Children will earn interest on every dollar deposited.
  • Unlimited teller-line withdrawals and ATM withdrawals are permitted.
  • Children can select their own savings register book from an assortment of fun kids' designs.
  • Children will also receive a FREE Kids$ave gift and our coloring book, "Show Me the Money" upon account opening.
  • Federal Banking Regulations limit the number of pre-authorized transfers** to six per month. Exceeding these limitations will prompt a $1.00 service charge per transaction over the six allowable transfers.
  • Check today's Savings Rates

* Annual percentage Yield

** Pre-authorized transfers include the following types of transactions: Telephone transfers, internet transactions such as Bill Pay and PayPal, overdraft protection transfers, and automatic transfers.

If you have additional questions about our Children's Accounts, just give us a call at 540-591-5000 or stop by one of our convenient locations. Our smiling employees will be glad to assist you over the phone or in person.

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