Image Statements

Image statements are printed "pictures" of your cancelled checks that can be included with your monthly statement. Check imaging technology allows you to reconcile your account with checks in sequential order while making record-keeping and retention easier. Bank of Botetourt checking customers with the following types of accounts are eligible to receive Image Statements:

  • Everyday Banking
  • Timeless Banking 
  • Alliance Banking 
  • Money Market Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are image statements?

A: Image statements are printed "pictures" of your cancelled checks. Statements are printed with 18 images per sheet.

Q: Is there another way to see my check images?

A: Yes! Online Banking allows you to view, print or save your check images free of charge. In fact, you can sign up for E-Statements and not receive any paper at all! Your monthly statements can be delivered electronically. That's the cleaner, greener way to bank.

Q: Are image statements acceptable proof of payment?

A: Yes. The IRS considers it acceptable proof of payment as long as the statement shows the check number, the amount of the check, and the payee name. Your image statement will include all of this information.

Q: Does this mean I will no longer receive my checks back?

A: Actually you still are getting your checks back. The checks are in a different format, one that is easier to manage, and you are getting them back in check-number order, making it easier to reconcile your account.

Q: Does the image statement show the back of the check as well?

A: Yes, images statements include the back of your check.

Q: What if I lose my check image statement?

A: If you lose your image statement please contact your local Branch.

Q: Is there a fee to get Image Statements?

A: No, they are free!

Q: Will I need to get new checks because of image statements?

A: No. Most checks will provide a quality image. If you do experience problems as a result of your checks, we will work with you to resolve the problem.

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