Kids$ave Tips

  • Ask your parents to help you find out how much it might cost to buy a new bicycle or a video game. To buy expensive things like these, you have to save.
  • Talk with your parents about the difference between "wants" and "needs" and ask them to help you make a list of things you want and things they need.
  • When you save money in a savings account, you earn something called interest. Interest means the bank pays a little money into your account each month. That means the money in your account grows automatically!
  • When you buy something, save your change! It really adds up and you can deposit it in your savings account.
  • Make a list of all the things you want to buy with your money and decide how much you will set aside each month to save for those things. This is called "making a budget."
  • Keep track of every penny you add or withdraw from your account and write it down in your savings register. This is called "balancing" your accounts.
  • Do you earn allowance from your parents for doing chores around the house? Your allowance can be deposited into your savings account and over time it will add up.
  • Create a Goals Journal and fill it with fun ideas and pictures of what you'd like to do with the money you save.
  • Why is a bank like Bank of Botetourt the safest place to save? Because the money you put in your Kids$ave Account is protected by the government. Plus, you gain interest that you won't get from your piggy bank.
  • Remember that change adds up! Ask your parents if you can clean the house and keep the coins you find under cushions and in drawers.
  • The Stock Market is a place where grown-ups invest money. Ask your parents to help you pick a stock (online or in the newspaper) and follow it for several days. See whether it goes up or down, and ask your parents what this means.
  • Consider starting a coin collection. It's a really fun hobby that teaches you about the history and value of money. And if you take good care of your collection, it should gradually increase in value.
  • Set aside a small portion of your allowance for charity. The money will grow faster than you think, and you'll feel great helping others.

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Ask your parents to help you download and print these fun Kids$ave coloring pages!

Kids$ave Coloring Pages

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